It’s a statement I hear a lot. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a five-minute job. Even if I can do something quickly, I’ll probably obsess over the detail for at least an hour. I’ll moan and complain about being rushed for probably twice as long.

However in all seriousness there are jobs that are to me, five minute jobs. In reality they often take a few hours, or in some cases a few days (I’ve been known to drive for hours to take a photo just to get things exactly how I want them).

These jobs are often overlooked or generally just blend into the background, but the fact that they’re there makes all the difference to me.

Take for example the cover images on our Facebook pages- (you can find one here Did you notice there’s a little arrow pointing to the private msg button? It wasn’t rocket science to do that, it took an hour or so to line it up and create it for all the different pages we have but the difference it’s made have been telling. It’s now easier to explain to people where to click to message us privately and its decreased the amount of messages we’ve had on the public walls that were better suited to a private discussion.

What am I trying to prove here other than we have some nice new facebook cover images? I suppose it’s that the little jobs are just as important as the big ones, for every annual review or customer leaflet suite I produce there are 25 little jobs that will take me a few hours to knock together, they’re not going to change the world, but they make a huge difference and because of that they’re probably priceless.

So, I’ve written my first blog. It’s taken 3 days (little bits here and there)… i’d say that’s my five-minute job done for the day.




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  1. I came across your site from your infographic about how to make an infographic. Enjoyed what you have to say in your other postings as well. Enough to comment and also to share your blog postings.

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